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Join us and get inspired. Below you will find an overview of the events, which will be continuously updated. 


At our webinars, we offer unique insights into Neets products and solutions.
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Neets Tech-commercial webinar

In this series of webinars, Neets Technical Trainer, Dennis Cato-Hansen, and Claus Behrens, Business Manager at Neets, take you through four unique themes. Here, you will get deep insights into Neets solutions, products and software. 


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Neets solutions in video conferencing: March 1st @10.00 CET

Get a closer look at how Solvo by Neets, Collabo 2.0, Neets keypads, and touch panels create professional and seamless AV experiences from small -and medium – to large-sized conference rooms. And we explore how Solvo works with Cisco, Poly Studio and much more.
Time: 30 minutes

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GUI - Making a great UI with Neets Bolzano Theme: March 9th @10.00 CET

What makes a great UI? In this session, we dive into how you create customized user interfaces with the Bolzano GUI Templates. Learn how to add a professional, branded, and modern look to your touch control interfaces.
Time: 30 minutes

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The simplicity of Neets Project Designer - An introduction: March 24th @10.00 CET

Getting started with Neets Project Designer, the intuitive drag and drop software for configuring Neets Control Systems, Switching Relays and Amplifiers, is easy. Learn why intuitive configuration matters and gain insight into unique features like adding functions, expanding or configuring solutions.
Time: 30 minutes

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Device Editor: April 6th @10.00 CET

In this course, you’ll get in-depth knowledge on how to develop your own device drivers with Neets Device Editor, so third-party products and brands are compatible and easily integrated into your solution.
Time: 30 minutes

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