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Neets Control - UniForm

AV control system for video conferencing rooms, meeting rooms, and learning spaces in a beautiful, minimalistic design. Intuitive graphical interface that is a clear starting point for users. Flexible system that can be adapted to future equipment requirements.

AV control for video conferencing

Simple & User-Friendly interface

Flexible & Future-proof solution

Designed for prominent wall-mounting

Control video meetings and secure superb user experience 

Neets Control – UniForm is ideal for video conference rooms, as these often offer multiple connection possibilities and UC platforms.

Whether it is a BYOD solution, a dedicated video conference solution or a combination of both, Neets Control - UniForm provides a primary control interface that integrates all of the functionalities in one place, allowing users to control and switch between different inputs - no matter the brand and application. Usually, even a simple meeting room or classroom provides a wireless connection or an HDMI cable along with a video conferencing device.

The Neets Control – UniForm is a fully customizable pro-AV control system and an intuitive button interface all-in-one. The customizability ensures that Neets Control – UniForm can control unique applications without compromising on functionality and quality. The user-friendly GUI, together with intuitive, physical buttons, ensure that users instinctively know how to operate Neets Control – UniForm.

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Simple & user-friendly interface for a consistent user experience

A keypad controller such as the Neets Control – UniForm gathers all the necessary control functions into one interface. This eliminates the need for multiple remote controls to operate individual pieces of AV equipment and simplifies the interaction between the user and the room equipment. Furthermore, removing remote controls from rooms also eliminates the hassles caused by lost/missing remotes.

A Neets Control – UniForm installation in several rooms provides a familiar and consistent experience for the user; every time they enter a room, they will know precisely what to do. The on/off button interaction and highly legible GUI helps users instantly understand how to operate the keypad, making IT onboarding a breeze and reducing IT support to a minimum.

Flexible & Future-proof solution thanks to its unique design

Neets Control - UniForm, like every other control system from Neets, can be used to control more than 5000 devices from over a hundred brands, thanks to the extensive and evergrowing device driver library in Neets Project Designer. This keypad's modern design has improved Neets' control system flexibility even more.

The keypad can be configured after installation, as the USB port used to upload project files is located at the bottom. This means that any changes to the AV equipment setup can be implemented quickly and easily, without taking the keypad apart, a design feature that makes the UniForm stand out. 

"It makes our job significantly easier. The E-ink display offers flexibility, as we don’t have to make the physical labels. Everything is done directly from the computer and is then uploaded to the UniForm using the external USB port, so if we want to make changes in the future, we don't have to take it apart.” 


- Lars Palmkvist, IT manager at the University of Copenhagen

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Feature list

2.7 inch high contrast e-ink display
Ensures a smooth intuitive user experience for presenters and technicians.

Freely configurable keypad buttons
Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms.
Can be customized and configured with up to 8 buttons for any function

Video conferencing

UniForm is perfect for smaller rooms with video conferencing, making the start of your meetings a breeze. Controlling peripherals like a PTZ camera makes the room more versatile in use, by adding control of zoom for example.
This makes your Zoom, Skype, Teams etc. meeting a walk in the park.

3 RS-232/IR port
Used for serial communication to AV devices and for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality.

1 Ethernet port
Used for controlling 2 LAN devices and connection to Project Designer

3 General Purpose I/O ports
Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors

PoE support
Includes Power over Ethernet support to avoid external PSU

Add up to 8 extra Neets AV control systems as extensions

Email notifications and warnings
Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings

View technical specifications on Neets Control - UniForm's product page

Inspiration & Best Practices

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