Touch Panels by Neets

Touch control interfaces for any size meeting room. Expertly designed GUIs ensure intuitive user experience and a clear starting point for meeting start. Flexible design to match room purpose, equipment setup and corporate branding.

A screen for every room size

Neets Touch Panels - available in 4", 7" and 10"

Neets 4 inch touch panel

Neets 4" Touch Panel

for huddle rooms

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Neets 7 inch touch panel

Neets 7" Touch Panel

for meeting rooms

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Neets 10 inch touch panel

Neets 10" Touch Panel

for conference rooms 

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Expertly designed GUIs

At Neets, we pride ourselves on designing highly usable products that provide a positive user experience. The Neets touch panels' graphical user interfaces have a modern, appealing design, and easy to understand with their simple and clear iconography and text labels. While several expertly designed templates are available, the GUIs can be customized to with the specific functions to fit your rooms' purpose equipment setup. The GUI can further be modified to match corporate branding and visual identity.

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Flexible control solution

Neets’ touch panels are available in three sizes, 4”, 7” and 10”, ensuring that you find the right screen size for your room type. The touch panels’ interfaces can contain several 'layers' with available functions, making them the ideal control interface solutions in rooms with more complex AV systems. The touch panels can be controlled by the control systems Neets Control – LiMa, Neets Control – TanGo or Neets Control – AlFa II and are configured with Neets Project Designer. We strive to make our control systems compatible with as many devices as possible. Currently, more than 3800 devices from over 125 brands can be connected and controlled with Neets Control Systems.

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"Now you can set everything up with the touch of a button. Very intuitive, very simple.
Just what you need. There is not a single person who cannot figure out how to use it.” 

 - Christian Højgaard, Real Estate Agent & Owner at EDC Horsens

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Neets Touch Panel installation examples

See examples of how Neets Touch Panels and Control Systems were integrated
into AV solutions for meeting rooms and conference rooms

EDC Horsens

EDC solves a major technical issue in their conference room. Employees are now able to have much more productive meetings.

→ See how EDC Horsens did it

RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam upgrades 12 of their meeting rooms with AV control to increase the rooms' compatibility with users' devices.

→ See how RAI Amsterdam did it

Centre Perex

Centre Perex upgrades their new conference facility with a solution that enables them to separate and combine room sections.

→ See how Centre Perex did it




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