Neets Sound Bar SB-1

A top-quality sound bar with the necessary settings and connections to be successfully integrated into a professional environment. An energy-efficient solution for more sustainable meeting rooms. A high amount of flexibility with multiple color and placement options.

Pro sound bar with front-facing, full-range speakers, 3 types of inputs and RS-232 port.

Custom DSP preset that optimizes the human voice, making it ideal for video conferencing settings.

Part of an energy-efficient solution for meeting rooms with class D amplifier and auto on/off.

Minimalistic design to match modern interiors with several color and placements options.

Professional audio device

The effectiveness of any meeting is only as good as its weakest link. High-quality audio facilitates communication in meetings and education, enhancing teamwork and improving information retention.

A sound bar has front-facing, full-range speakers, which are a drastic improvement to built-in, rear-facing speakers in a display. With its 3 built-in DSP presets (Voice, Music and Presentation), the Neets Sound Bar SB -1 guarantees a superb audio experience in a variety of usage scenarios – a video conference, playing music or having a multimedia presentation.

The sound bar can be integrated with Neets or 3rd party control systems using RS-232 ports, enabling users to control the device using a user-friendly keypad or touch interface.

Back of the sound bar

"In our line of business, it is imperative that we can always present films, designs and visual concepts in the best possible quality. And that we can conduct meetings and presentations without having to deal with technological issues.”

 - Martin Søholm, Founding Partner & Sales Director at Creative Zoo

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Energy-efficient audio solution

Enterprises worldwide are highly motivated by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to find innovative ways of upgrading workplaces and office buildings. Energy-efficiency is high on the agenda, and the Neets Sound Bar SB-1 fits the requirements perfectly.

The sound bar has a built-in Class-D amplifier, which is more power-efficient than a linear amplifier. Its wake-on-signal functionality ensures that the sound bar turns on automatically upon input signal detection and turns off again when no signal is detected. The Sound Bar can also be integrated with a control system, where on/off states can be changed upon motion detection or with timer functions.

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Minimalistic design to match any room and interior

The Neets Sound Bar - 1 has a narrow and elongated shape; a minimalistic design that blends in seamlessly with any room interior design. The sound bar is available in 5 colors; black, blue, grey, red and green. The colored covers are made of 100% wool from the Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat -adding a touch of luxury to room interiors. The Neets Sound Bar SB - 1 also has flexible mounting options; it can be wall-mounted, mounted on a TV stand or cart, or placed on any flat surface such as a cabinet below a display.

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