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Solvo by Neets

Pro-AV Hub for video-enabled huddle rooms


Turn huddle rooms and small meeting rooms into video conferencing rooms that support any UC platform.
Combine your choice of video conferencing equipment to create a powerful, automated system with CEC technology.
Get online meetings started quickly and easily with a single USB connection.


MSRP: €395*

*Taxes, freight charges and additional charges may apply

Automated huddle rooms for video meetings. Ready.

Combine your choice of AV equipment to create an automated, video-enabled system with CEC technology.

Connect any AV device and any UC platform. Done.

Use the USB & AUX ports to connect any video conferencing device. Launch your favorite UC platform.

Only one USB cable to connect. Easy.

Users connect their laptops to the system with one USB cable and all the equipment turns on/off automatically.

On-time remote collaboration. Snap.

The quick and easy way for users to set up and get started ensures that online meetings start with no issues or delays.

Easy connectivity = no support

Solvo by Neets provides an incredibly simple and user-friendly interface to get ready for online meetings; one USB cable for users to connect to their laptops. Solvo by Neets uses CEC technology to turn on and off the connected display, and power manages all the connected equipment automatically upon signal detection from the user’s laptop.

No need to install any apps, no remote controls, no unstable wireless connection, no hassles - no calls to the IT department. Done.

→ See technical specifications

chat bubbles
UC platform UI windows

Productive collaboration = no time wasted

Getting started with video meetings in a BYOD meeting room is one of the things that often cause tech issues, wastes precious time and is the source of much frustration and embarrassment for participants. This is especially true when remote meeting attendees are unable to see or hear what is happening.

Solvo by Neets streamlines the way users connect and start their meetings – one easily recognizable and highly compatible USB connection. Once they are connected, users can launch their favorite UC platform. Now, attendees are ready to start their meeting in a snap!


Solvo by Neets is compatible with all the leading UC platforms and video conferencing applications*.

*This is not an exhaustive list of all the platforms Solvo is compatible with


Solvo by Neets compatibility with UC platforms
AV device explosion

6 connections = automated video conferencing system

Solvo by Neets has 1 HDMI, 1 Ethernet, 3 USB and 2 AUX ports. These are all the connection options you need to add video capabilities and upgrade your huddle rooms or small meeting rooms.

The HDMI port is used to connect to a display. The ethernet port can be used to provide a wired internet connection or access to the company network. USB and AUX ports would connect to peripheral devices such as speakers, webcam and microphone. CEC technology turns all the connected equipment on and off automatically upon signal detection from the user’s laptop.

→ Download datasheet



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Q: Do I need to install a driver to use Solvo by Neets? 
A: Solvo by Neets uses DisplayLink ® technology. The necessary driver should already be inboxed in Windows 10 and Chrome OS (from build R51). Solvo by Neets also supports MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu), Android and Corporate Install (MSI), but requires manual installation of relevant DisplayLink driver. All DisplayLink latest drivers can be found and downloaded here.

Q: Will Solvo by Neets work when connected to a USB 2.0 port? 
A: Yes. However, the USB 2.0 interface has a max. speed of 480Mbit/s, meaning the users will not be able to make the most out of the Gigabit Ethernet connection speed. For optimal performance, a USB 3.0 port should be used.

Q: What else will I need to purchase to have a video meeting?
A: You will need an HDMI cable in your desired length to connect to a display. You will also need to purchase additional peripheral devices such as speakers, webcam and microphone to connect to Solvo by Neets and create your automated video conferencing system.

Q: Can laptops be charged using Solvo by Neets? 
A: No. The USB-ports on Solvo by Neets are not compliant with USB-PD (USB Power delivery).


→ Visit the Neets Knowledge Base for more product support


What's in the box


What is in the box

Technical Specifications

WQHD (2560x1440) - DisplayLink technology
Compliance - HDMI 1.4, HDCP 2.0, EDID

Laptop (BYOD), 1 x USB-B (3.0) - upstream port 
Webcam or other 3.0 comp. devices, 1 x USB-A (3.0) - downstream port
Microphone, Whiteboard etc. - 2 x USB-A (2.0), downstream port
TV/Screen (CEC compatible) - HDMI type A 
5VDC Power inlet, 5.5x2.5mm - DC input 
Audio Out (Analog): Speaker, Soundbar, etc. - 3.5mm stereo jack 
Audio In (Analog): Microphone - 3.5mm stereo jack 
Gigabit Ethernet/Network - RJ45, ethernet port

DisplayLink Chipset (DL-5700)

Other interfaces
Status Indicator - 1x LED (RG Light Emitting Diode)

Power Consumption
230VAC/50Hz (15W) - External PSU: 230VAC => 5VDC/3A 

Length: 185 mm
Width: 85 mm
Height: 23 mm
Weight: <500g

Wall mounting - 2x 5mm through-holes
Bracket/Frame Mounting - 2x support for plastic strips

ABS Moulded Plastic 
White (RAL9016), matt

CE regulations - EN 55035:2017 |  EN 55032:2012
FCC regulations - FCC Part 15, Class A

Protection class - IP 30
Operational temperature - 10 °C to 30 °C
Operational humidity - 10 – 90 %

What's in the box
1 x Solvo by Neets hub
1 x Power Supply (with regional adapter)
1 x 3m USB cable
1 x Installation Guide
2 x Zip ties
2 x Screws and plugs

Solvo by Neets Datasheet

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