Learn everything you need to know about different types of AV equipment, control systems, industry trends and more.


What is AV equipment?

Learn about how AV equipment is used in different settings and the value a professional AV installation can provide to companies.

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What are AV control systems?

AV control systems can help you provide a seamless experience across devices in a meeting room or classroom.

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Commercial AV systems

Learn about AV systems for enterprises with examples for meeting rooms, conference rooms and office reception area.

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Collaboration tools

What are collaboration tools, how can businesses benefit from them and how to implement them at the workplace.

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Videoconferencing solutions

Learn about videoconferencing solutions, typical features, benefits and how to identify the right solution for you.

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Audio & Video solutions

Learn about the causes of poor audio and videoconferences, and factors to consider before investing in a new system.

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Soundbars for meeting rooms

Learn about the technology in soundbars, how they provide superior audio quality and why they are a good addition in any meeting room.

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Desk cable management

Learn about why desk cable management is important for businesses and the different options that exist out there .

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