Empowering more AV professionals
to create AV Solutions


Configure anything your customers need, from the smallest, simplest
AV setup to large-scale, teched up conference rooms. This can be done
using one software that has all the functions you need to take the
project from start to finish. Best of all, you can do it more easily
than you can imagine, without needing to write a single line of code!

Drag and Drop

Drag’n’drop functionality to configure an entire
project without coding

Device Driver Library

Extensive device driver library you can use to build the right system for your customers


Carefully designed templates that ensure a user-friendly control system GUI


Convenient automatic project documentation to remove time-consuming tasks

Build entire systems. Faster. Easier.

Drag’n’drop software

Neets’ mission with Project Designer is to empower more AV professionals to create complex projects without making it a complex process. The software can be used by AV integrators and technicians to build entire AV solutions without requiring any programming skills. The results are an easier, faster way of working, more in-house resources capable of completing projects and a faster project delivery time for customers.

“Working with Neets products was great. It was a simple process to install,
operate and integrate the professional signage with other devices,such as the NIIO Art Player
and personal computers. The server’s response was quick and fun to work with.

– Anton, System Integrator at TEN AV

→  Read case story

Freedom to use the device you want

3500+ device drivers

Design the system you want with the devices you want. Our extensive device driver library covers a range of devices used to build AV systems, from matrixes and preamplifiers to displays and projectors. Our library covers more than 100 major brands and we are constantly working on adding new drivers according to your demands/needs. We also work closely with AV product manufacturers, who often develop drivers for their own products to be included in our library.

→ See full list of device drivers available in Neets Project Designer

Logo Cloud Neets Device Drivers

One central point of interaction for the user

Graphical User Interface templates

Take the guesswork out of designing a user-friendly interface for room users with several tried and tested templates for keypad labels and touch interfaces. The templates cover the most commonly used functions and can be customized to fit your specific project. This way, the control interface becomes the natural starting point for users having meetings and presentations.

Free up valuable time with automation

Automated Project Documentation

Some of the most essential tasks are also the most boring and time-consuming. Streamline the project handover to the AV installer with an automatically-generated report that documents all the projects’ details, without spending more than a minute of your time on it. This saves you valuable time that could be used on other projects.


Key integrations

NEW Cisco Touch 10

Cisco Telepresence Touch is a popular range of devices that are used in many large corporations to control video endpoints. The Cisco touch panels can also be used for in-room control of any other equipment or peripherals, such as sound systems, lights and curtains. This extended functionality, however, requires you to install a third-party control system.

The newest version of Project Designer enables AV system integrators to use Neets control systems* to enable in-room control with Cisco Touch 10. Now, integrators can offer a one-brand control solution in large-scale installations with different technical requirements in different rooms.

The main benefit is that integrators can make configurations for the entire project in ONE user-friendly software, instead of working with multiple brands and use several software programs. And like everything else with Neets Project Designer, configuring control functions in Cisco Touch 10 couldn’t be easier with its drag’n’drop interface.

*Cisco Touch 10 integration is possible with Neets Control – LiMa, TanGo, SieRRa II and AlFa II  

→ Learn more about the Cisco Touch 10 integration





Cisco Touch 10 integration in Neets Project Designer 

Barco Overture

Overture is a meeting room monitoring and management solution developed by Barco. Overture is a scalable solution that can be used anywhere, from medium-sized companies to global headquarters and universities. Barco Overture provides remote monitoring and control of every AV device through the internet, providing Facility IT or AV managers with unique benefits, including device monitoring, issue detection and troubleshooting, scheduled room preparations and scheduled power shutdowns. The Neets – Barco integration enables the devices controlled by Neets’ control systems to be simultaneously connected and controlled through the Barco Overture monitoring system.

Learn more about the Neets - Barco Overture integration



KNX is a smart building management and automation system that enables the monitoring and control of every measurable aspect of a building. Some examples are lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, signaling and monitoring systems and device control interfaces. KNX provides one central place to connect and control all these different systems. As a KNX partner, Neets provides an integration to KNX networks, room users to control room equipment through a user-interface powered by a Neets Control System.


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