7" touch panel

Neets 7'' touch panel

One hub to control all your equipment

With Neets Touch Panel you can control the entire meeting room or classroom from one place. Whether you want to dim the lights, change from offline to online meeting or turn up the volume, it is as simple as a touch of the panel.

Control the room with ease

The Neets touch interface solves any potential problems in regards to controlling your conference room equipment whether its a locally hosted meeting or an online session. You are able to control displays, cameras, sound etc. and become the hero in your online or physical meetings. Clean interfaces maximizes efficiency for your meeting resulting in less problems or misunderstandings.

Clean design with a bright screen

The Neets Touch Panel is a stunning 7" wall- or table-mounted touch panel designed to fit into any room, letting the interface controls catch your eye.

Easy installation into your existing outlets

No extra holes or drilling in walls are necessary as the Neets Touch Panel fits directly into a one gang back box. Otherwise, you can choose the table mount accessory, which does not require any extra tools to set up. The touch panel is magnetically mounted and is connected with PoE for easy and quick installation.

Customize it and make it your own

The touch panel is configured with our software Neets Project Designer, and can be designed from scratch or through the use of templates. The interface is freely customizable - add only the functions you need and change the colours and style to match the company's branding.

Control of anything and everything

The 7” touch panel is a great match for the LiMa, TanGo or AlFa II control system, becoming the center of all your equipment. You can choose the system that fits your needs, no more, no less.

Choose variant

  • Control System compatibility
    Compatible with Neets Control Systems Sierra II, TanGo, AlFa II and DelTa
  • Perfect for video conferencing
    The 7" panel is perfect for online connected rooms such as meeting rooms or classrooms. Making control of camera pan/tilt/zoom and selecting to record the meeting plus levels on speakers outputs and microphone inputs a breeze to control.
  • Wall or table mounted
    Fits standard 1-gang DK, EU or US back box. Wall bracket included. Table mount is an accessory
  • Design Templates included
    Several GUI design themes and templates are available in Neets Project Designer, enabling to create an attractive and user-friendly touch panel interface.
  • Proximity Sensor
    Has a proximity sensor that detects presence nearby
  • PoE Powered
    Power the Touch Panel with a compliant PoE power supply (PoE injector not included)
    Link to compliant PoE Injector
  • Easy Upgrade
    USB for firmware upgrade on the back
  • Technical support
    For help please visit our knowledge base
Physical Dimensions:
H: 120 mm / 4.72 inches
W: 180 mm / 7.08 inches
D: 41,4 mm / 1.63 inches
-On wall: 16mm / 0.63 inches

Product: 0,33 Kg
Wall Bracket: 0,175 Kg
Shipping: 0,85 Kg

Operating Temp: 0 to 40 °C
Storage Temp: 0 to 60 °C

RJ45 with PoE – For both Power and Ethernet communication
Micro USB (for FW upgrade only)

Pin hole switch:
1: Access to Admin settings
2: Factory Reset switch
3: For FW upgrade only

Touch Screen:
Scratch resistant glass-on-glass touch screen

7” IPS Display
Resolution: 1024x595 pixels
Dpi : 170
Brightness: 350 nits (cd/m2)
LED Backlight Lifetime: 20000 hours

Proximity sensor – For automatic display activation
Ambient Light sensor – For automatic backlight dimming

Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE802.3af, 48V
Class 3 (up to 13 watt)
Note: PoE Injector not included.
Link to compliant PoE Injector

Compliancy; CE, FCC

Part no: 313-0001


Neets Project Designer
Neets Project Designer
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-Ver. 1.6.4 (27-01-2021)
New Features:
  • Upto 5 interface Ids added in config
Bug Fixes:
  • Caching of webview enabled and on system reboot retry screen coming from html code is displayed until the controller gets online
+Ver. 1.6.1 (05-02-2020)
+Ver. 1.5.1 (14-06-2018)
+Ver. 1.4.3 (22-11-2017)
+Ver. 1.4.2 (01-04-2017)

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