NEB Port Expansion


By adding NEB Port Expansion to your Neets Control System, you can control RS-485 devices.

It also gives you an extra RS-232 port and two (2) additional I/O pins. In the Neets Project Designer software, the extra functions are just as easy to use as the ports on the Neets Control System.

Choose variant

  • Mount in a standard one gang back-box:
    1 x RS-232 port Rx/Tx
    1 x RS-485 port Rx/Tx
    2 x General Purpose I/Os
    1 x real time clock incl. battery (CR1220)
  • An obvious choice for:
    Installations where additional devices needs to be controlled.
  • Notice:
    Only one NEB Expansion Port can be included to the installation and depending on what Neets Control System is used you can have either two (2) or five (5) NEB units in total.
  • Schedule
    The port expansion is neccessary in order to use the calendar function in Neets Project Designer, as the port expansion contains a real time clock and a battery to keep the time in case of power outs.

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