NEB Level Control


Level Control button with turn function and level indication

By adding a NEB Level Control to your Neets Control System, it becomes easy and intuitive for the user to control audio volume or dim the lights in a room.

The Level Control comes with a button with turn function and level indication, as well as a push to mute / un-mute function.

Choose variant

  • LED display:
    Five (5) LED shows status of the sound level.
  • Notice:
    Depending on which Neets Control System is used you can have either two (2) or five (5) NEB units in total, but only a total of two (2) NEB Level Controls. The max cable length is 20 cm. between any two units in the chain, unless NEB Extenders is used.
  • An obvious choice for:
    Installations with need of simple adjustment of sound level and mute/ un-mute function.

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