Kramer VIA integration

Kramer VIA integration


With Neets Control Systems and Kramer VIA wireless collaboration just got easier.

Kramer VIA gives you a simple solution for wireless presentation. All you have to do is connect through the VIA Pad unit.

Kramer VIA fits any size meeting room. The Neets control system will turn on and control all AV equipment when you click the VIA Pad, and you are ready to present and share content. Collaboration has never been this simple.

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Ver. 1.27.1 (08-02-2021)
Setup file size: 215.9 MB

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  • Plug & Play
    Connect via your laptop and you're ready to present
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use advanced AV equipment for everyone
  • Same user interface
    The user interface is the same in every room and makes it easy for everyone getting started
  • Clict to start
    Start your presentation/ lecture right away with just one click
  • Collaborate
    Share your content with multiple users
  • Connected via LAN
    Neets Control Systems is connected to Kramer VIA over LAN
  • Q: Do I need a Kramer VIA Pad to interface with Neets control systems?
    A: Yes, to give the user the best experience with the equipment we recommend to use a Kramer VIA Pad together with Neets.
  • Q: How does Neets integrate with Kramer VIA?
    A: We detect the signal from the Kramer VIA Pad and send a Power on and Source command to the Screen or Projector.
  • Q: How do I make the integration in Project Designer?
    A: Select your Kramer VIA system in “Systems” and then go to “Interface” to design your buttons on your Neets control system.

    Afterwards go to “Functions” and drag the Source of the VIA system to the button you designed in “Interface”

    Find the VIA interface under “keypads” and now all that is left is to do, is to choose what should happen, when you connect and disconnect the VIA Pad.
  • Q: which Neets Control Systems are compatible with Kramer VIA?

    Q: which Neets Control Systems are compatible with Kramer VIA?
  • Q: Can I use the Kramer NFC Tag system together with Neets Control systems?
    A: Unfortunately we don't support this.

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