Feedback from your devices


Obtain full bi-directionality with feedback from your devices in the system. When enabled the control system synchronizes with the projector, e.g. when you use the generic remote to turn off the projector or change the source.

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Ver. 1.27.1 (08-02-2021)
Setup file size: 215.9 MB

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  • Endless possibilities
    Design feedback for every possible situation with our free software, Neets Device Editor, and use it in Project Designer with drag and drop.
  • Automation
    Use the feedback from a movement sensor or any other sensor to activate the system and trigger sequences, perfect for museums for example.
  • Energy saving
    Use a movement sensor to turn off the system, when no movement has been detected for a given period.
  • Enhanced control
    Control the order of events with feedback, for example if you have a projector in a lift and don’t want picture to be shown, before the lift has reached its end position.

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