Button Grouping


Use button grouping where you want to divide your control system into two independently working systems.

Group buttons to affect visual behaviour on keypad keys and graphical buttons.

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Ver. 1.27.1 (08-02-2021)
Setup file size: 215.9 MB

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  • Physical and GUI
    Button grouping works on both the physical buttons and in the graphical user interface
  • LED behaviour built-in
    The grouping of buttons will make the LED’s in the specific group work together
  • GUI behaviour
    In the GUI all of the different changes in graphical states is made automatically e.g. between OFF and SOURCES
  • Several options
    Works on one keypad divided into two or on a second keypad where you need 8 extra buttons to control another device, like a NEB keypad or another control system connected via LAN

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