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Here's how to maintain control.

Why AV-control is key in video conferencing rooms


Right now, thousands of meetings and presentations take place online, expanding the use of different technologies. Even the simplest video conference rooms contain a lot of technology. To achieve a successful integration, this mix of technology needs easy-to-understand interfaces that gather the devices, and that users can easily operate. 
IT-managers still need great functioning rooms, not just for video conferencing. That is where av-control comes in. The need for intuitive room control that creates seamless user-friendly experiences is paramount.

Learn more about how to enhance solutions with room control in an easy way for:

→ Small BYOD rooms

→ Flexible, medium-sized rooms

→ Larger rooms with dedicated video conferencing solutions

→ Classrooms and hybrid learning

Great user experience across rooms.

Same user experience and interface across different rooms - regardless of tech. This also enables corporate identity across different rooms.

Make it easy for the user - and for IT.

A truly intuitive user interface makes life easy for the user, and in turn for the it-department – no more support.

Customize to the specific needs.

Highlight and prioritize the functions that are most important for the customer, not two company needs are the same.

Control everything in the room.

Add control of lightings, curtains etc. to give the best settings for the video conferencing.

Enhance solutions with room control in an easy way

By enhancing solutions with room control, users get a familiar experience in every meeting room. With multiple meeting rooms, the chances of having different equipment in each are very likely. An AV control system creates an intuitive and familiar interface in every room for the users

"Being able to operate every device from one interface help teachers to think of it as a simple and smart setup."


- Martin Bernhard, Søndervangskolen’s vice-principal 

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Small BYOD-room

Room equipment example: Display, video conferencing bar like Collabo 2.0 by Neets, Poly Studio etc. and a separate source.

For a small meeting room (typically for 2-6 persons), the budget is typically less than for larger rooms. This makes for a great fit with BYOD solutions such as a video conferencing bar and a separate source.  
The customer still needs a visually clear starting point for the meeting such as the Neets Control - UniForm to control source selection, volume control and to turn the display on and off.

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Flexible, medium-sized room

Room equipment example: Display, HP Slice II, Barco Clickshare, Huddly IQ and video conferencing bar like Poly X30, Collabo 2.0 by Neets etc.

Even though video conferencing is important, meetings are still encompassing a wide array of activities, and this means that in a room there is more than just a dedicated video conferencing system.

In a setup with multiple devices, it is still is necessary to make life easy for presenters. Pro-av control systems are something to add to the room. You need to control volume, change sources and turn everything off if the room must be truly easy to use.

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Larger rooms with dedicated video conferencing solutions

Room equipment example: Display, Logitech Tap solution, Logitech meetup, PTZ camera and additional microphones, HDMI cable for connection to display.

A room for many people will benefit a lot from having microphones in the ceiling or in front of the attendees. A pro-AV control system can control microphone levels and switch sources, and gives users a great start of their video conference meeting.

Is the meeting taking place on a VC-platform not supported by the dedicated device, i.e. GoMeet, Slack, or Hangout? With a pro-AV control system and a USB switch, the user can control the dedicated camera and microphone.

Users can now utilize BYOD in the conference room and attend any meeting using their preferred device.

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Classrooms and hybrid learning

Room equipment example: Display, Logitech Tap solution, Logitech meetup and additional microphones, HDMI cable for connection to display.

Modern learning spaces are often hybrid learning spaces, where some of the students are physically present in the classroom, and the others are participating via video conferencing.

Teachers must be able to stream lectures to a larger extent than previously. A pro-AV control system in the classroom can enable teachers and students to control all AV equipment, and at the same time easily and intuitively connect the student’s laptop to displays etc.

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Products from Neets for hybrid meeting rooms

Neets Control - UniForm

A flexible control system that configures, expands, and controls AV equipment. It offers users an intuitive starting point in any meeting space or classroom.  Whether it is a BYOD solution with multiple devices, a dedicated video conference solution or a combination, Neets Control UniForm integrates all the room’s different capabilities in one solution.  

Check out the Neets Control - UniForm >


Neets 7" Touch and TanGo

Neets 7” Touch Panel adds an intuitive and user-friendly experience to the meeting or auditorium. The customizable,  graphical interface controls the entire room with ease, whether the meeting or lecture takes place locally or in an online session.

See Neets 7" Touch and TanGo >

Solvo by Neets

A pro-AV hub for smaller video conferencing spaces. With 3 USB and 2 AUX ports, users can connect their preferred brands and peripheral devices, such as webcams, microphones, speakers, and interactive whiteboards directly and control via only one USB cable.

See Solvo by Neets >

Collabo 2.0 by Neets

The complete pro AV experience is just one cable away. Collabo 2.0 by Neets is an all-in-one video conference solution with no configuration needed. It includes Neets 4K Webcam with a built-in microphone, Solvo by Neets, and Neets Soundbar – SB1.

See Collabo 2.0 by Neets >



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