Neets CXO talks about
the idea behind the
Neets Control - UniForm

Neets' Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen talks about the idea behind the creation of the Neets Control - UniForm.

The Neets Control - UniForm is Neets' newest, award-winning keypad control system with eight buttons and digital E-ink label. The keypad was launched at the ISE 2019 show and won rAVe [pubs]' Best of ISE "Best New Control System" award.

What makes this Neets keypad unique is that it was designed to solve significant challenges for all stakeholders.

Keypad users in meeting rooms and learning spaces get a user-friendly interface and a logical starting point for their meeting or presentations. 

IT managers get a reliable, future-proof device that is easily adaptable to future needs and changes in AV technology.

The AV integrator gets a control system that is easy to install, configure and update. 

Learn more about the Neets Control - UniForm.

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