RAI Amsterdam: 12 meeting rooms revamped in 2018

RAI Amsterdam convention center

RAI Amsterdam conference center. Picture courtesy of RAI Amsterdam https://www.rai.nl/en/

RAI Amsterdam decided to upgrade their meeting rooms and needed a new AV solution to support its goals. The chosen solution included a number of Neets products- the 7” touch panel, the TanGo control system, PIR sensors and a KNX License.

More than thousands of conferences and meetings a year

RAI Amsterdam is a convention center that facilitates over 50 international conferences, 70 large-scale exhibitions and thousands of smaller events, conferences and meetings a year. After identifying several problems and issues, RAI Amsterdam decided to upgrade all their meeting rooms by focusing on creating a more positive, user-friendly experience. This led to the installation of a Neets solution in 12 of their meeting rooms, with plans to upgrade more meeting rooms in 2019.


Wasting time with outdated equipment

The old meeting rooms had several issues with the audio and outdated VGA connections that were not supported by newer laptops. This meant that people had to find adapters identify other solutions for their audio. Furthermore, a series of buttons in the wall panels controlled all the equipment in the rooms, where each button had a label that printed on paper and taped above it, describing its function. These buttons were both unsightly and confusing, and frustrated meeting room users wasted a lot of time figuring out how to get the equipment set up and get ready for the meeting.

RAI Amsterdam meeting room The revamped RAI meeting room with new equipment
Touch Panel showing equipment control

The Neets touch panel allows the users to control all the equipment in the room

Controlling the room with one device


The customer relies on us to come with the right solutions."

- Jeroen van Brienen, van Brienen AV en meer


The Neets solution, which is provided by the supplier van Brienen AV en meer in collaboration with Ruitech Solutions, eliminates all of these issues. A single Neets 7" touch panel in each room has replaced the button panels. The touch panel has been configured to control all the AV equipment in the room. The product team at RAI is extremely happy with this solution - the meeting rooms look clean and modern and most importantly – provide no usability issues. Quite the contrary in fact!


A streamlined user experience


Motion detectors installed in the room detect when a person enters the room and turns on the lights automatically. The screen also turns on automatically, welcoming the person to RAI Amsterdam and explaining how to use the Clickshare device. Since all the devices are controlled via the touch panel, meeting room users do not waste time setting up equipment in preparation for the meeting, as they can just plug in their device and start immediately. This device setup is installed in all the meeting rooms, meaning that is instantly recognizable by the users, and thus easier for them to get started with their meetings within minimum time wasted.

RAI big screen welcoming you to the room

The big screen welcomes users to RAI Amsterdam

Touchpanel showing clickshare integration

The touch panel explains how to use ClickShare

Touch panel control the lights

The user can also control the lights and the blinds in the room

This case study is also available to read in Danish and German.

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