DSB case story


The need for simple and user-friendly AV-room control was at the top of the list from DSB (Danske Statsbaner) as they moved into a new domicile in Taastrup, Denmark in the summer 2013. All conference rooms, classrooms and the directors’ offices were equipped with new AV-equipment and DSB needed a simple, intuitive and user-friendly way to use their AV-equipment without the staff had to be trained in how to turn on/off the AV- equipment. Atea Collaboration Solutions (ACS) was the Danish provider and installer of this project and they choose Room Control Panels from Neets A/S due to the user-friendly design and simple solution.

All directors’ offices have been installed with Neets Control – EcHo, a reliable and intuitive AV-control system that makes it very easy to control a meeting that includes a presentation. With the quick touch of a button, EcHo provides complete control for projectors, screen relays, DVD/Blu-ray players, amplifiers, tuners, interactive boards, flat panel displays etc. The Neets Control – EcHo has been used in nine directors’ offices.

In all the conference rooms and classrooms the Neets EasyConnect Control – EcHo were chosen as a tabletop solution. One tabletop in all of the small conference room and two tabletops in all the big conference rooms. The Neets EasyConnect Control – EcHo makes it very easy for the presenter to plug in their computer and start the presentation, making it very simple to have complete control over every aspects in the conference room such as projector, screens relays, amplifiers etc. – just by using this tabletop!

In some of the conference rooms DSB needed extra power plugs with 230W and the Neets EasyConnect – Power solved that problem. The tabletop has two power supply sockets and is the offspring of the Neets EasyConnect - Control with the same design and size. This way the AV-solution was more useful for the participants of the meeting, since they now had access to power at the table and the cables were tucked away. Now the meeting participants could focus on the meeting agenda and not spend their time on connecting power or various cables to their laptop.

Each Neets EasyConnect is fully integrated in the tabletops which makes the edge very smooth and presentable. DSB is very satisfied with the AV-solution delivered by Atea Collaboration Solutions because the functionality and user-friendliness are of a high quality.

Cablebag mounted under the table to avoid cables all over
EasyConnect - Control, EcHo mounted in the table

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