Conference room in Belgian
traffic management center
upgraded with Neets control systems

Perex is the authority responsible for monitoring and managing traffic in the Wallonian highway and road network. To adapt to ever-changing needs, a new center was inaugurated in April 2019. The new center includes a large-scale conference room, where the AV equipment is controlled by a Neets Control – TanGo and operated through two 7” Touch Panels from Neets. 


Centre Perex, Belgium Centre Perex | Image source:

Centre Perex consulted the AV integrator Fortyeight TV sprl. They required a system design for a large conference room with 2 sections that could be combined or separated depending on the need. The room was divided into ‘Room A’ and ‘Room B’. A folding wall was installed to separate and combine the room sections.

Room A contains a 3x3 video wall, consisting of 9 x Samsung Smart Signage UD55E-A displays and controlled in a daisy chain. The room also contains two additional Samsung displays (one in each section) suspended from the ceiling. These serve two functions; when the video wall is on, they duplicate content so that people sitting further away can still see easily. When the room is partitioned and the video wall is not being used, the ceiling screen becomes the main display. The ceiling screens are mounted in such a way that they can be rotated to face the audience no matter the room setup.

There are two additional Samsung displays installed on trolleys that receive a wireless HDMI input. These two mobile screens can be used anywhere in the conference room. When the room is used for large events, all 13 displays can be used simultaneously.

Equipment used

1 x Neets Control – TanGo
2 x Neets 7” Touch Panel
1 x Ecler MIMO88 Matrix
13 x Samsung Smart Signage UD55E-A

Project File screenshot Screenshot from the Project File of Centre Perex' s installation. The configuration software is Neets Project Designer.

The two touch panels installed in each room section provide a user-friendly GUI to control all the equipment in the room. The GUI in Room A provides options to control the video wall, ceiling screen, moveable displays and audio equipment in the section, as well as a function to separate and combine the two room sections. The GUI in Room B provides control functionality for the second ceiling screen, one moveable display and audio/video equipment.

When the rooms are combined, the GUI in room A becomes the only active control interface in the room, with the options to control all the equipment from one place.

Neets Touch Panel's GUI in Room section A Neets Touch Panel's GUI in Room section A
Neets Touch Panel's GUI in Room section B Neets Touch Panel's GUI in Room section B
Neets Touch Panel's GUI when rooms are combined Neets Touch Panel's GUI when the rooms are combined

The biggest challenge when creating this solution was to ensure that the setup was as flexible as possible to accommodate the different use scenarios of the room. Another challenge was to create a GUI that was not unnecessarily complex; making it easy for users to understand how to use the room equipment.

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