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10 minute read

10 Tips & Tools for managing partially remote employees

29 Jul 2020 by Michael J. Christensen

Learn how to implement a successful, unified team of on-site and remote workers with these tips on leadership practices and suggestions for digital tools and hardware.

Business, Technology

Read time: 7 minutes

Neets guide to USB & HDMI cables

27 Jul 2020 by Dennis Cato-Hansen

Everything you need to know about USB and HDMI connectors and standards so you can choose the right cables for your equipment setup.


8 minutes

6 ways to take care of AV equipment

02 Aug 2019 by Dennis Cato-Hansen

Taking care of your valuable audio-visual equipment is a must! Here what you need to know about what can go wrong and how you can prevent it, so you get the most out of your equipment.


9 minute read

How to transform the conference room into an effective collaboration space

22 Jul 2019 by Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen

Conference rooms should not be a place employees dread to enter. Learn how to find the right conference room equipment that helps employees hold efficient and productive meetings.

Business, Better meeting rooms, Technology

11 minutes

Cable management 101: An organized meeting room

21 Jun 2019 by Claire Schembri

A big tangle of cables in the meeting room makes life difficult for everyone, looks ugly and can cause accidents. Here’s how to fix it and get an organized, tidy meeting room.

Better meeting rooms, Technology
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