Working at Neets


We emphasize a high level of employee involvement in both strategy and action plans, and there is a close and good cooperation across the organization. We behave properly, and we meet each other, our suppliers and customers with respect and honesty.

All employees have a modern IT workplace and we continually strive to create a good and inspiring environment at the office. Although being busy, we make sure there is a healthy work and life balance to maintain and develop employee motivation.

Every year we have a strategy seminar that involve all employees at Neets. Through team building, we discuss previous activities and those to come in the next year. Everyone is a part of the new strategy and has influence in how we reach our goals.

Maintaining and developing a high job satisfaction among our employees is important to our business, and essential for our ability to attract new and talented staff. We get no better recommendations than from our current employees:

Statements from the employees at Neets:

"Flexible working hours and the possibility to plan your own day at work" is accordingly to Maja an important detail.

"Being part of a company where you have good possibilities to learn and develop your own skills is good for your motivation and future career,” says Peter.

"Our short chain of command is important, so we quickly can react to the development in our industry. This way we can stay focused and determined” says Martin

Our Values:


If it's worth doing - it's worth doing in a proper way, well planned and with focus on the final goal.

We love what we do and we work hard to add value to all the cooperation we engage in.

"With a Twist"
We work creatively and with a "twist" in all matters where it makes sense or is an advantage for Neets.

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