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Simplicity and Innovation 


It started at a kitchen sink. Today it’s present in over 200.000 meeting rooms and classrooms all over the world.

In 1999, while working as a technician for one of Denmark’s leading AV system integrators, Tue S. Andersen was approached by the facilities manager at a large university who had a problem – one that was familiar to many. The infrared remote control for classroom projectors was either being misplaced or stolen in many of the classrooms and generally, users found them too complicated to operate.

The facilities manager challenged Tue with his question: “Isn’t it possible to control the AV devices in a more simple and reliable way?" Back then, there was no simple and low-cost solution available on the market, so Tue decided to develop one himself.

Working at his kitchen sink, Tue designed and built his first controller circuit boards, and fitted them to key panels that could be mounted in a standard electrical wall box.

To keep the operation of this keypad controller as simple as possible, he decided to include only the functions needed for usage in the classroom.  His focus was also on designing a solution where no more time would be wasted on looking for lost or misplaced controls.

His solution became more advanced – AV control systems built into wall panels – and quickly grew in popularity, proving to be a success not only in classrooms but also in meeting rooms all over the country.

Within a few years, Neets became the leading supplier of AV Control Systems in all of Scandinavia. Although the company has grown substantially, it has not lost its ability to response agilely to the constant change in trends and market demands. Neets continues to put customers’ needs at the core of all its activities; from product development to customer support.

However, no matter changes in customer needs and product development, the core commitment for Neets remains the same. As Tue S. Andersen emphasizes, “Regardless of the technology, we are always looking for the least complicated way to make a system do everything you want it to do.”

“Regardless of the technology, we are always looking for the least complicated way
to make a system do everything you want it to do.”

Intuitive meeting room equipment


Neets develops intuitive and user-friendly AV equipment and control solutions for meeting spaces and educational institutions. From control systems to video conferencing solutions, we provide technology that:

  • Is aesthetically pleasing and fits any type of interior design
  • Has a high level of compatibility with other AV equipment
  • Can be customized to meet the requirements of the individual customer

-All without providing unnecessary features and being overly complicated to use!

In fact, we pride ourselves in developing products that are ‘easy’ – by that, we mean that all our products are easy for the user to understand and operate, and easy for the technician or integrator to install.

In a room with a number of different AV devices and an equal amount of control interfaces and remote controls, we provide solutions where all these devices are controlled from ONE location; with the push of a button or a tap on a screen; or even better, by simply by plugging in your laptop with a system that turns everything on and off automatically upon detecting the laptop signal.

Here are some examples of the reliable, user-friendly solutions we offer:

  • Keypad control systems
  • Automated control systems
  • Touch control interfaces
  • Audio distribution
  • Sound Bars
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Device configuration software
  • GUI themes and templates for touch control interfaces
Keypad Control Systems
Touch Control Interfaces
Audio & Video Solutions

A successful worldwide presence through partnerships

Neets has a strong presence in its native country Denmark through a large network of AV integrators and resellers. Outside the Danish borders, Neets works very closely with selected distributors in every country, who represent the Neets brand in their respective countries, promote Neets products in the local market and provide technical support. Find your nearest Neets distributor here, or contact us for more information about our distributor network.

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